December 2018 Ken Druse Q&A – A Way to Garden with Margaret Roach – December 17, 2018

Flowering Houseplants and More: What really perplexed or downright frustrated gardeners in 2018? I asked that recently on Facebook and elsewhere, harvesting the final crop of Urgent Garden Questions for the year, and Ken Druse helped answer them as we do each month on the radio show and podcast.

My longtime friend and fellow garden writer Ken of Ken Druse dot com is author of many books including “The New Shade Garden,” and “Making More Plants,” and “Natural Companions.” We tackled subjects ranging from propagating coleus from cuttings, to repotting a jade plant—and repotting in general—and even why a jade might be blooming now, after many years of ownership with no blooms. Ken shared ideas about some of his favorite unusual houseplants, too, including several that bloom in the offseason. 


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