La Voz en Breve – July 4, 2019

This week in La Voz en Breve, journalist Mariel Fiori commented, along with Ignacio Acevedo, from Nobody Leaves Mid-Hudson, the order signed by Ulster County Executive, Pat Ryan, which prohibits all county employees, including the police and the courts, to collaborate with the immigration police, ICE, unless there is a signed court order. We started a new column: Healthy Planet, with Hugo Jule, coordinator of clean energy projects. Today’s theme: deep energy renovations. Artist and community leader Wilfredo Morel invited us this Saturday July 6 to Greig’s Farm at 227 Pitcher Lane, Red Hook, to spend an afternoon with art, music and blueberries. If you are an artist and would like to have a space, you can call Wilfredo at 914-643-4392  


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