La Voz En Breve – June 13, 2019

This week in La Voz: What is it that stresses you? How do you fight stress? We have WhatsApp and we want to know. Send Mariel Fiori a voice message at 845-901-4012. Pastor Erick Mercado explained to us why, for the second time, the Guatemalan consulate on wheels in Kingston has been canceled. Psychologist Celina Pipman gave us some good advice against the evil of modernity: stress, and even gifted us with a relaxation exercise. In addition, Flor Espinosa Araque, Yvelisse García and Alejandra Ortega invited us on June 22 at 10 am to spend an entertaining morning with family and with good information, at 6 Adams St, Kingston, in the parking lot of ABCD


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