La Voz en Breve May 9, 2019 – Rural Migrant Ministry Coordinator; Economics Youth Group of the Rural Migrant Ministry; NY Civil Liberties Union; Farmworkers at Teeple Farm; NY Immigration Coalition

This week, in La Voz en Breve, journalists Mariel Fiori y Antonio Flores-Lobos went to Albany  to cover a rally in support of a bill that, if passed, it will give farm workers the same rights that the rest of workers have been enjoying for more than 80 years. In Albany, they interviewed José Chapa (Rural Migrant Ministry coordinator), Leydi Gonzalez and Vanessa Barrera (Economics Youth Group of the Rural Migrant Ministry), Lisa Zuker (New York Civil Liberties Union) and Maria Martinez and Dolores Bustamante (Farmworkers at Teeple Farm). Betsy Plum, a NY Immigration Coalition official who was at the capitolio, supporting the NY Counts 2020 campaign, In our studio, the journalists interviewed SUNY-Albany professor of Latin American History, Juan Manuel Vázquez Montero. He spoke about revolutions.


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