La Voz en Breve: Senator Luis Sepúlveda

This week in La Voz en breve, journalist Mariel Fiori interviews Senator Luis Sepúlveda, main sponsor of the Green Light Bill that restored access to driver licenses to all New Yorkers, regardless of immigration status. In her column Culture Heals,  Nita Campion, a scholar of the cultures of the Anahuac confederation, which run from Alaska to Nicaragua, speaks about Cuauhtémoc, the last Tlatoani (The Voice) of the Mexicas, who left a message for his descendants. And last but not least, Saúl Ortiz, father and son, who, in addition to sharing a name, share a passion for education and progress. Saul Jr., also called Saul Grande, finished high school last week and is preparing to study music at the local community college.  

Senator Luis Sepúlveda and Mariel Fiori


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