La Voz en Breve: Mariel Fiori on Business and Wellbeing; Ignacio Acevedo of Las Mejores Huellas de los Inmigrantes; “Immigration Nation” Documentary Series

This week in La Voz en Breve, journalist Mariel Fiori has a show on business and well-being. She spoke with Ignacio Acevedo, one of the leaders of Las Mejores Huellas de los Inmigrantes, to learn what they are doing for the well-being of immigrants and why he wants us all to see the documentary series Immigration Nation.

Also, via zoom and Facebook, she had a round table of artists who reinvent themselves during the pandemic. The show must go on, they say, and these professional artists also have expenses to cover. She spoke with  musician and contributor to La Voz magazine,  Laura Pérez, with dancers Maia Martínez and Anna Mayta, and with the visual artists Joan Belmar and Pilar Jiménez. We learned a lot from them.
In today’s commentary, she read the August editorial of La Voz magazine, Fresh Air.


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