A Way to Garden with Margaret Roach – January 10, 2022 – Ali Stafford on Latest Cookbooks

Did you maybe get or give a cookbook or two for a holiday gift? Well, hopefully you can make room on the shelf for another couple of good ones. Our expert guide who’s been browsing and cooking from the latest crop is Alexandra Stafford, aka Ali, who has some goodies to share—perfect fodder for another January of sticking close to home as I know a lot of us are again with cooking as one of our mainstays of comfort and creativity.  


Ali Stafford, author of the essential cookbook “Bread Toast Crumbs” and creator of the website alexandracooks.com, is here to highlight some of the recent cookbook titles that she’s finding irresistible. They range from topics like cooking more vegetable-centric means, to creative use of grains, and yes, even more ideas for delicious cookies. 


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