Leonard Lopate at Large: Eileen Rivers

Talking with Leonard today is Eileen Rivers, author of Beyond The Call, about  three brave soldiers and her experience documenting them.

Eileen Rivers is a USA Today editor and editorial board member. Formerly with the Washington Post, she has been writing and reporting on veteran affairs for more than fifteen years and has produced several multi-media online interactives covering the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. A veteran of the US Army, she served in Kuwait following Desert Storm where she was sent into the former combat zone as an Arabic linguist, collecting and translating information from enemy targets. Rivers lives in Laurel, Maryland.

Susan Page, Washington Bureau Chief, for USA TODAY called “Beyond the Call: Three Women on the Front Lines in Afghanistan” by Tuesday’s guest on “Leonard Lopate at Large” on WBAI, Eileen Rivers, a “compelling story, too long untold.” “Rivers reveals the power of women–of women in the U.S. military in Afghanistan, playing a crucial role in intelligence gathering that was impossible for their male counterparts.”



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