Leonard Lopate at Large: Malachy McCourt

Today on Leonard Lopate At Large, Malachy McCourt talks to Leonard about his diverse career. From growing up in the hardscrabble childhood surroundings brought to life in his brother Frank McCourt’s books “Angela’s Ashes” and “‘Tis” and his own memoirs “A Monk Swimming” and “Singing My Him Song” to his appearances in films like “Brewster’s Millions” or television roles on “Ryan’s Hope” and “One Life to Live,” from his long list occupations like gold smuggler and bible salesman to his 2006 run for governor of New York as the Green part candidatey, there seems to be very little that Malachy hasn’t done. In this episode of “Leonard Lopate at Large,” Malachy  will speak to Leonard about a life that defies categorization.


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