Leonard Lopate at Large: Rory Chase & Jonathan White on Artisanal Cheesemaking

On todays show Leonard talks about artisanal cheesmaking with Rory Chase and Jonathan White
Chaseholm Farm Creamery is a grass-based dairy farm nestled in a 350-acre patchwork of pastures, crop land, woods and waterways located just outside of Pine Plains, NY.

The Creamery was founded in 2007 when Rory Chase returned home to the farm and started making cheese, retrofitting a barn his grandfather built in the early 1930s to serve as a cheesemaking plant and aging cave. It is one of only a handful of Farmstead outfits producing cow’s milk cheese from their farm’s own herd in the state of New York.

Bobolink Dairy was founded by Nina and Jonathan White in 2002, on leased farmland, before the pair eventually moved their operation to a 186-acre farmstead in Milford, NJ in March of 2010.

Each season, the dairy milks approximately 50 cows with a bumper crop of young heifers and bulls of their own new breed, the Bobolink Blacks, which are the result of crossing several common “modern” dairy breeds (Ayrshire, Guernsey, Jersey and others) with the ancient Kerry cattle of Ireland.

On Friday’s “Leonard Lopate at Large” Rory Chase and Jonathan White will give Leonard a masterclass in artisanal cheesemaking.


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