Leonard Lopate at Large: Toby Talbot and Norma Levy

Today on Leonard Lopate at Large, director Toby Talbot (who was married to the late Lincoln Plaza founder, New Plaza Cinema film curator Gary Palmucci) and Norma Levy, founder of the Coalition for the New Plaza Cinema, discuss the efforts to keep the legacy of arthouse cinema alive in New York, and reflect on some of New York City’s most important movie houses.

When Lincoln Plaza Cinema closed almost exactly a year ago, the screen had gone dark on a New York City cultural institution that had introduced audiences to arthouse pictures for decades. New Plaza Cinema, the reboot of the historic movie house founded by legendary film impresario Dan Talbot who died in 2017, is keeping the spirit of the Lincoln Plaza Cinema alive while it continues its search for a permanent home.

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Leonard Lopate at Large: Toby Talbot and Norma Levy

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