Tom Stearns on Lettuce – A Way to Garden with Margaret Roach – January 14, 2019

I don’t want my salad delivered in a plastic box or to pay a ransom price per pound either, meaning I want to produce homegrown as many months of the year as I can. Today’s topic is how to plant for the best salad year ever with organic seedsman Tom Stearns to guide us, as I kick off my annual Seed Series on the radio program and podcast. 

Tom Stearns is founder of High Mowing Organic Seeds in Vermont, with more than 20 years specializing in breeding, selecting and marketing of organic varieties. From microgreens indoors to baby-leaf to mini-heads and up to full-sized heads in the garden, we talked about timing, spacing and making lettuce happy—even which types hold up best in the heat (and ways to help all lettuce do better when summer arrives).


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  1. I am a total newbie to vegetable growing. I’ve ordered spretnak seeds to try outdoors in a huge pot off of my patio this spring. We are zone 5 here in Wisconsin. I’m eager to grow and eat this mini lettuce. It is my understanding … (which I never new…and am a bit confused about) that you cut off the head and the root stays in the ground ready to continue growing into another head? (also going to try arugula and spinach) TY!

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