A Way to Garden with Margaret Roach – March 20 2023 – Ken Druse on Making More Plants

The days are longer and the light is strengthening—triggers that don’t just start to wake up our plants, indoors and out, but also get us gardeners going. The signals have my propagation-mad friend Ken Druse starting more seeds each week and looking around the landscape and the houseplant-filled sunroom for some chances to make more plants, his favorite pastime.

Ken is author and photographer of 20 garden books, including one on plant propagation, and is a daring plant propagator himself. Together since 2021, we’ve co-hosted the Virtual Garden Club, a series of online classes about our favorite subject: plants. Ken gardens in New Jersey, mostly in the shade.


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  1. Propagating my dogwood twig is an epiphany! What do you mean about not planting upside down? I’m not sure what you mean by “sky side up.” Aren’t all branches reaching upward?

  2. I loved this episode so much, I listened to it twice and ordered Ken’s book. I enjoy this podcast very much as a Gardner in the Northeast/Southern Maine region.

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