Dan Hinkley on Making Windcliff Garden – A Way to Garden with Margaret Roach – September 14, 2020

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I have a running joke with today’s podcast guest, a joke I suspect thousands of other former customers just like me email him about regularly, too. Every spring cleanup I come up with more distinctive turquoise plastic labels in my garden that were the signature of Dan Hinkley’s former mail order nursery called Heronswood. And I write to tell him so, or I send him photos of once-tiny plants he shipped me that are giants today in my yard—the plants named on those labels. 

Now Dan Hinkley has another treat for us all in the form of his new book called “Windcliff,” the story of the garden he has been making since leaving Heronswood, and where he now lives on Puget Sound in Washington. “A Story of People, Plants and Gardens” is the subheading the book, and it is rich with tales of all of the above that have influenced the making of the place. 

Learn about Dan’s insights into garden design—from avoiding beds of plants that are “as flat as a flounder,” to why to start with smaller plants than ones that fill the whole space right away. 


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