Rural Intelligence Report with Mark Williams – October 7, 2018

For 10 years, we have published Rural Intelligence for the love of the region and in service to our community. But we are a small business that needs to pay its talented writers and staff fairly and its bills on time. Like so many media websites, we are finding it necessary to adapt our business model; advertising revenue alone is no longer enough to cover our costs. The financial support of loyal readers like you is critical to our success, and we are heartened by reader response since we began asking in the spring of 2018.

That support allowed us to upgrade our website and become mobile friendly. Please help us move into our next decade on sound financial footing so we can continue to uncover and bring to you the wonderful, unique and sometimes quirky places and people we all love about this region.

Your support of as little as $60 per year (just $5 a month) will help keep us in intelligence-gathering mode, all along championing our community and serving as a resource for our advertisers.

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Rural Intelligence is the brainchild of journalists Marilyn Bethany, who lives full-time in Columbia County, NY, and Dan Shaw, who lives full-time in Litchfield County, CT. They have both worked as editors and reporters at The New York Times and New York Magazine, where they met 20 years ago. They created Rural Intelligence because they recognized the need for a reliable information source for people like themselves, who routinely do business and seek recreation and entertainment in four counties—Berkshire, Columbia, northern Dutchess and northern Litchfield—that are spread over three states. This sprawling region is not well-served by mainstream media, which tends to hew to conventional jurisdictional lines. They combined their extensive experience in print journalism with the technology of the day to create Rural Intelligence, which treats this uniquely sophisticated region as one big neighborhood. Their hope was that sharing information would foster a sense of community that transcends county and state boundaries. Rural Intelligence is the place where full-time residents and weekenders can share their passion for culture and country life.

Publisher Mark Williams divides his time between Manhattan and the Tyringham Valley, though he’d much prefer to spend more of his time in the latter locale, where he and his wife Liz tend to a barnyard full of goats, chickens, and guinea fowl, as well as their mouser, Clack. He is a member of the Board of Directors of Jacob’s Pillow, and Liz serves on the board of Community Access to the Arts (CATA). Photo: Chris Jones


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