Marshall Miles Interviews Alex Regen, Founder of Berkshire Pond Hockey Classic on Saturday Jan 28 at Lake Buel

The first-ever Berkshire Pond Hockey Classic will be held on Saturday, January 28 at Lake Buel, right near the lake’s boat ramp.

The 16 team field is made up of mostly local teams, including a past NCAA D1 Frozen Four Women’s Team. The GB Bagel Co is sponsoring Bagels for Breakfast for all of the participants and their owner Bob is bringing 2 teams and Gary and Andrew the owners of Barrington Brewery will be hosting an awards ceremony after the tournament and coming as partners, bringing 2 teams.

The presenting sponsor is The Pass as well as Berkshire Bank from their Foundation and ExtraSpecialTeas, which is an non-profit who is generously sponsoring free tea during the day of the tournament for skaters.

Any of the profits made after the cost of the tournament will go back to the town of Monterey. “I’m just trying to find a way to give back to The Berkshires and honor my father,” Regen said. “How cool is that?”

For more information about the tournament go to its website.


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