Marshall Miles Interviews Amanda Freund: How Dairy Farming is Helping to be Part of the Solution, Not the Pollution, and Ways You Can Follow Along at Your Home

Joel Hastings of Dairy Business News describes Amanda Freund of the Freund’s Family Farm an activist, in the best sense of the word. Amanda is active on her family’s dairy farm with feeding and helping with calf care. And, she is involved in two of the farm’s related businesses – a farm market and a very unique manufacturing operation. Amanda is a pro at social media, supporting not only her businesses and the farming practice but also the benefits of dairy foods, as a whole. A Cornell graduate, she served two years in the Peace Corps.

Amanda Freund - Cabot Farmer Spokesperson | Cabot Creamery

Photo Courtesy Cabot Creamery
Amanda Freund – Cabot Farmer Spokesperson | Cabot Creamery

Back in the 1970’s, Amanda tells us the farm vision statement highlighted the environment, profitability, animal care and respect for neighbors and community. The four goals remain intertwined and integral to the family’s mission as evidenced by everything they do from investment in new green technologies and state-of-the-art infrastructure to the Cabot macaroni and cheese they make for the local volunteer fire department and the fact that the family dinner table can always fit one more person. “Community connection is just a part of life,” Amanda says. “It’s how we were raised. Connecting with your neighbors and being there for your neighbors is incredibly important.”


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