Marshall Miles Interviews Bill Pond, Noble Horizons in Salisbury

Since its founding, Noble Horizons has been on the leading edge of the latest and best ideas in elder care, setting a standard that few other retirement communities can match

William Pond, Administrator
William Pond

We talk about the following today:

Infection Control
Internal social activities
Communications (families, staff, cottagers)
RN Assessments, Medical Team

The mission of Noble Horizons is to provide, without profit or discrimination, a full range of residential living and health care services for older adults.

This mission is to be carried out by:

• Promoting and implementing systems that maintain and support every individual’s optimal independence and life wishes in a safe, dignified atmosphere conducive to quality retirement

• Assuring knowledgeable and consistent leadership in retirement living, long-term care, home care and support services

• Developing innovative programs and services which respond to the changing needs of its residents and clients and the society it serves

Marshall Miles Interviews Bill Pond, Noble Horizons in Salisbury

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