Marshall Miles Interviews Brian Ohler, Emergency in Kent Ice Jam 2018

Kent Center School will be closed on TODAY. HVRHS students who are unable to travel to the school due to potential danger on the roads will be excused, but the administration asks that you please call the high school in the morning. In addition to the Kent Center School being closed, there will be no HVRHS/OWTS bus runs in or out of Kent

The following statement is being made after local and state agencies convened to discuss the nature of the flooding/ice jam emergency in the Town of Kent.

After consultation with area officials and emergency personnel, a state of emergency has been declared for the Town of Kent. This declaration is not meant to cause alarm to residents. By doing so, this will open an uninterrupted line of communication with federal, state, regional safety assets. This will also allow the Town of Kent to allocate resources, on demand, from a large selection pool.

There is no imminent threat to public safety. However, the movement of this ice jam and its lifespan is unknown.

Public roads/rec areas that are closed or have limited access are:

– Rt 7 between Rt 341 and Bulls Bridge
– Schaghticoke Road
– River Road
– Bulls Bridge Recreation Area
– First Light Recreation Area

We are asking for the public’s support during this emergency. While this is a rare phenomenon it is not a time to sightsee. At no time are you to try and negotiate flood waters or travel on any closed road. CT ENCON Police and CT State Police will be patrolling these areas.

It is best to stay vigilant and proactive. If you do reside near the river or in a low lying area, you should always be monitoring water levels and ice build up. If you do have an emergency, dial 911.

If you have any non emergency questions please Susie Rundall, Kent Emergency Management Director, at (860) 706-3833.

You can also refer back to social media pages for further updates.


State Rep. Brian M. Ohler
Kent First Selectman Bruce Adams
Kent Fire Chief Alan Gawel
Kent EMD Susie Rundall



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