Marshall Miles Interviews Brian Ohler, Sharon Hospital’s Elimination of the Maternity Program



Sharon Obgyn statement:
Dear Patients and Community,
The providers at Sharon Obgyn became aware of the planned closing of the maternity unit at the same time as the public. Neither the practice nor the state have received any written communication. We suspect this was leaked out prior to any decisions being made. Thanks to our combined efforts, Healthquest quickly realized this is not the best course of action and have retracted their stance since.
We will continue to work with all parties to ensure safe, convenient and quality women’s health care. We have the best interests of women in this community at heart and will continue to provide quality obstetrical and gynecological care regardless of the outcome of this issue.
Dr. Schnurr
Dr. Jaffe
Dr. Mortman
Dr. Daruvuri


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  1. Thank you Brian for pursuing answers. And Marshall for bringing it to us. I’m curious as to what the Hospital means by “safety concerns”, specifically?

  2. If Sharon OB was unaware of this why did 1 of their office employees call Sharon hospital approximately 2 weeks prior to the announcement and tell a pharmacy employee and an O.R. employee of the upcoming announcement?

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