Marshall Miles Interviews Caleb May and Rhonan Mokriski, The Film Documentary “Coloring Our Past;” Salisbury School “Searching for Slavery” Class

Film Premiere

Ther Searching for Slavery class at Salisbury School recently celebrated James Mars Day on May 1. Highlights of the day can be viewed in a video here. The class is also excited to share another project with the Salisbury community.  

The Searching for Slavery class has collaborated with Cesar family descendants, Dennis Culliton of the Witness Stone Project, Ben Willis of the Civic Life Project, and the Upper Housatonic River Valley Heritage Area, to divulge the previously untold history of people who have also helped build our communities.   

Coloring our past

“This movie has forced us to confront history that challenges our perception of who we are and how we became a country. Looking at the contributions local families of color like the Mars and the Cesars have had on our communities has really opened our eyes. In turn, our aim is to use our work to help form a more complete and inclusive history that highlights the contributions of all Americans. This project is not about simply uncovering the history of one Black family in America, it is also about completing the inaccurate and incomplete history of our diverse American Family.” -Nicholas Gray, Producer 

View the Coloring the Past Documentary here.

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