Marshall Miles Interviews Chris Tripler and Matt Bergrield, Great Falls Brewing in Canaan, Connecticut Grand Opening Dec 15

Up in the northwestern corner of Connecticut at the confluence of the Housatonic and Blackberry rivers lies a place like no others. Soon this place will be home, once again, to an amazing dining and beer tasting experience for North Canaan, Litchfield County, Connecticut and the southern New England/eastern NY region. We would like to introduce you to the first of hopefully many blog posts about the Great Falls Brewing Company. The company has existed since November of 2016, in name mostly, but through the persistence of the founders will soon have a home in the refurbished railroad Depot in North Canaan, Connecticut. I’m Chris Tripler, one of the founders of the Great Falls Brewing Company, hereafter called GFBC. I’m excited to meet your virtual acquaintance, and I hope you check back every so often to read about our updates, our ups, our not so ups, and the great things we have planned for the Depot.

Our first plan is to build a world-class brewery starting with 10-12 beers this year, which will be happening this summer. Among the beers will be producing will be New England IPAs, Stouts, Porters and even a Light Lager. We’ll also be producing seasonal beers to fit the character and changing leaves and weather of New England. As our beer production gets going this year, we’ll open up our tasting room for folks to come drink, talk, and have a place of community they can call their own.

Later in the year as we ramp up our kitchen staff and menu, we will serve locally sourced and sustainable meals with a full menu of steak, pork, potatoes, greens, and veggies. We are committed to bringing the best a brewpub can offer in food. The search for that chef that just “gets” what GFBC and northwest Connecticut are about is on.

We’re bringing back the name of the old restaurant, The Depot, where all the magic will happen. So, if you’re excited about the changes to come, keep in touch. It’s only the beginning…


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