Marshall Miles Interviews Christine Gevert, Laudate Pueri and Miserere Crescendo June 2&3

Hasse’s charming and virtuosic pieces are written in the ‘galant’ style: melody-driven, light in texture – anticipating the classical era. Few composers were more famous in his own times than Johann Adolf Hasse. In the mid-eighteenth century, Hasse was the preeminent specialist in opera seria. In addition, he was married to one of the day’s foremost singers, Faustina Bordoni. This “power couple” ruled the opera stages of Germany and Italy for decades. The sacred works of our concert program: Laudate Pueri and Miserere are scored for high voices, and were written for one of Venice’s most famous charitable organizations. The Ospedale degl’Incurabili provided musical training to gifted girls and young women, and showcased them in sought after performances. You will also hear the aria Fuggiam dove sicura from Hasse’s opera Piramo e Tisbe.


Hosted by close friends of Crescendo in their residences on both concert days, the Benefit Gala Dinners are one of the main fundraising events for our organization. Proceeds will help fund our music programs.Reserve your tickets early, and become a supporter of Crescendo!


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