Marshall Miles Interviews Colter Rule, Falls Village Housing Trust Application

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The Falls Village Housing Trust has submitted a scaled-down version of an affordable housing complex it proposed a year and a half ago to the Planning and Zoning Commission. The current plan, which will be on acreage in the Lime Rock Station section of town currently owned by Habitat for Humanity Northwest Connecticut, calls for 16 units, down from 28. They will all be rentals with one, two or three bedrooms. Each building will have a garage and driveway parking. Jandi Hanna, president of the trust, explained the group withdrew the first proposal after a hearing at which members realized a survey from Habitat was needed.

As he did during the discussion at a public hearing on the last project, resident Colter Rule, who lives in the neighborhood, has expressed opposition to the plan, although firmly stating he is in favor of affordable housing. “The consensus of me and many in Falls Village is that this is the wrong thing in the wrong place. The trust, which is made up of residents of Falls Village and Salisbury, has not shown how it will manage this. It’s too big for our town and our neighborhood.”

Rule believes the Planning and Zoning Commission falsely applied the incentive housing initiative to the property. He said construction of houses under such a label should be near transit or close to walking distance to the town center.

The commission has 90 days from the application’s submission to hold a hearing. Hanna said the trust is hoping to schedule a hybrid session that would allow for both in-person and virtual participation.


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  1. Since I was misquoted in the written part of this story and have listened to your Lakeville Journal program of this morning, I feel I must respond. I am surprised, Marshall. In 5 decades of listening to NPR I have heard hundreds of interviews that conclude with the tag line, “we have attempted to contact” whatever balancing view was considered appropriate for good journalism. It was missing from your interview with Mr. Rule. Then today you and Cynthia discussed virtually every letter to the Editor except the one wherein Bob Whelan points out Coulter Rule’s lack of commitment to the truth. In your interview of him you seemed not to have read any of the rebuttals of the various fabrications or casting of aspersions he and his group have perpetrated. At least, you didn’t call him on any. It would take too long a letter to list the various untruths spoken in that 20-minute interview. What about your comment about the Falls Village Housing Trust not being registered with the State? What are you talking about? What made you fling that into the malignant mix?
    I sense that you are drawn to controversy, Marshall, which is an understandably human characteristic. However, there is an important similarity between talking with people about either political controversy or religion. Our Constitutional freedoms require that we respect the right of people to worship or speak as they believe. We are not, however, required to respect what they believe. In fact, if we desire to appear intelligent and balanced, we will ask the difficult questions.

    I do know that there is an interview scheduled for September 9th, which will explore the facts of the matter. Two weeks seems a long time before a response is aired.

    • Jandi. the Lakeville Journal controls what is on their show, I just sit there and go over the paper with them
      I did not include the tag line you suggested that we have attempted to contact because I never attempted to contact Colter…he called me for an interview
      I made no endorsing statements in the interview with Colter, NONE
      You were offered an earlier time to be live on the station, but, you wanted a full 20 minutes like Colter, and the only production time that was available  is what was accepted
      We have myself, Jill and Maddie at the station. I get in every morning at 3:30 AM. I have no producers to line up guests, if people want to be on, they call me or  Maddie and Madie then sets up an interview.
      Now on another matter, your comment “Bob Whelan points out Coulter Rule’s lack of commitment to the truth”. That I have to laugh about. Bob consistently made a fool of himself as chairman of the BOE by not knowing Roberts Rules Of Order, not allowing any dissent, and quite frankly, skirting rules set on conflict of interest, just look at the hours of video from when he was chair. So please spare me on Mr Whelan…..
      Our radio station is open to ANYONE who wants to come on air…ANYONE (except for Mr. Whelan). The schedule is the schedule. And I am not drawn to controversy…that is why I rarely initiate any interviews (except in emergency situations like the tropical storm and tornado. The people interviewed find me.
      And one final comment…..this radio station puts on all views. ALL. Republican, Democrat, progressive to conservative, and those views are spoken by the people who have the foresight to call and make appointments to talk on their topics.
      So please, don’t lecture me on our constitutional freedoms….i find your comments rude, uninformed of the situation of interviews, and lacking an understanding on how radio works. To be honest Jill and I receive no salary, we just put money in to WHDD so people can have a daily outlet for local news and entertainment. Two other radio stations left our area because of lack of monetary support, we stepped forward and put our money where our mouth is. And I get tired of “experts from afar” telling me, a person who has over 50 years in broadcasting only what they think I do wrong, and only when it matters to them.  A simple thank you for offering you equal time would have sufficed.

  2. Thank you, Marshall. Just noticed these follow up remarks. We (in opposition to the FVHT’s development in Lime Rock Station) have lied to no-one or cast “aspersions”. We have merely asked salient questions that make FVHT uncomfortable. Questions they rarely, or never, answer. They are in WAY over their heads. Best, Colter

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