Marshall Miles Interviews Dr. Tracey Fahey, Berkshire Barks and Purrs Mobile Vet Service

I have been practicing veterinary medicine for 18 years. The beginning of my career began here in Southern Berkshire County and Canaan Ct. I have since worked for a veterinary corporation as both an associate veterinarian and for the last few years as the Medical Director of a 4 doctor practice in Ct. I have learned many things about practicing high quality medicine and about how to manage a well run practice. However, the most important thing I have learned is that the health and well-being my patients and the bond they share with their families is my utmost priority.

The way I have been practicing medicine for 18 years is now the norm: see as many patients as you can, as quickly as you can, and keep that waiting room and those exam rooms as full of as many people and animals as possible from open to close. Do this, regardless of how stressful it is for all the animals and people involved- both clients and veterinary staff. I knew that there just had to be a way to deliver high quality veterinary medicine with less stress, no fear, and more convenience for all involved. A way to head back to slower times when there was adequate time for conversations about owner concerns and important wellness topics as well as time to bond to the patients we serve and love.

And these are also some of the important reasons why I started up Berkshire Barks & Purrs – a full service veterinary clinic on wheels. It contains everything a brick and mortar veterinary clinic contains- EXCEPT all of the fear and stress and hassle and exposure to infectious diseases that visiting a stationary veterinary clinic entails. We show up at your doorstep. If your pet is more comfortable in your living room or on your couch or in your front yard, then that is where the exam will take place. Advanced diagnostics, treatments, and surgery may mean visiting the inside of our clinic on wheels. However, we will do anything possible to ensure your pet has a comfortable experience and is able to get the veterinary care they need and deserve.


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