Marshall Miles Interviews Eversource Vice President of Customer Operations Jess Cain: Moratorium on Non-Hardship Residential Service Disconnections Ends Sept 15

Moratorium on Non-Hardship Residential Service Disconnections Ends September 15

Eversource says there are plans and programs available to help and prevent service disconnection

BERLIN, Conn. (September 7, 2021) – Eversource is alerting customers that the moratorium on service disconnections for non-payment will end for non-hardship residential customers in Connecticut on September 15, in accordance with state regulations. The energy company suspended disconnection activities at the onset of the pandemic nearly a year and a half ago and the moratorium on service disconnection for residential customers identified as having a financial hardship remains in place. Any customer who needs help with their bill should contact the energy company now to learn about payment assistance options and protections from service disconnection.

Any customer, residential or non-residential, who is having trouble paying their bill should contact us immediately so we can work with them and get them enrolled in one of the many programs we offer. Participating in a payment plan or assistance program will prevent you from being disconnected.”

With Connecticut residential customers using, on average, up to 35% more electricity to keep cool during the hot summer months, it is particularly important that customers are aware of Eversource’s various payment assistance options. The energy company is reminding all customers it has a variety of payment plans and programs available to help and prevent service disconnection, including:

  • The Matching Payment Program, for electric or gas heating customers, which offers monthly payments as low as $50. Enrollment for the upcoming heating season begins November 1.
  • The New Start program, for electric customers, which forgives overdue balances as on-time monthly budget payments are made.
  • Winter Protection, which provides protection from disconnection from November to May.
  • Energy Assistance, which provides payments toward a customer’s heating bill.
  • The COVID-19 Payment Plan, which all Eversource customers – regardless of financial need,  residential and non-residential – are eligible to sign-up for to pay a past-due balance over a period of up to 24 months with no interest charges and no down payment. Enrollment is open through September 30, or when the State of Connecticut’s public health and civil preparedness emergency ends.

Additional help for overdue bills may be available from Operation Fuel and Unite CT, which provides eligible renters up to $1,500 of past due electric expenses and past or future rent expenses. Customers are also encouraged to take advantage of the energy company’s energy efficiency solutions that can help them better manage their energy use. 

Customers who face disconnection will receive multiple letters in the mail from Eversource letting them know that their service is scheduled to be shut off for non-payment and steps they should take to avoid disconnection. As a reminder, the energy company will never call threatening to shut off power and demanding immediate payment.

To help customers learn more about the payment options and assistance programs available, Eversource is hosting a free webinar Friday, September 10 at 12 p.m. Energy company representatives will outline steps customers can take to prevent service disconnection after the moratorium on those activities expires for non-hardship residential customers on September 15, 2021. Customers must register ahead of time to attend the free session and can do so by visiting

Customers can also learn more about all the available payment programs at Electric customers should call 800-286-2828 while natural gas customers should call 800-438-2278. More information on Eversource’s energy efficiency programs is available at


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