Marshall Miles Interviews “Gala Narezo: Voice/Time” at the Tremaine Gallery at the Hotchkiss School

Tremaine Gallery at Hotchkiss Presents “Gala Narezo: Voice/Time”


The Tremaine Art Gallery is pleased to present an exhibit featuring the work of Gala Narezo. Gala Narezo: Voice | Time will run through April 25. The exhibit explores the role of voice in the creative process through a chronological selection of Narezo’s work over the last twenty years. The installation incorporates different aspects of Narezo’s work including photographic series exploring identity and connection, social engagement, social impact design, and mindful creativity.

The photographs include the series Locales (collected in a book of the same title), and Transitional Communities: People in Public Places, in addition to portraits from the MEXUS series (also a collaboration with Chantal Fischzang and Shamina de Gonzaga.) Also on view is Awake and Aware: Creatively Transforming Behaviors and the World, a visual curriculum created to encourage mindful change-making through creativity. Presented as a wall-sized, three dimensional mandala with prompts and questions, the exhibit invites participants to examine the notion of interdependence and engage in self reflection and problem-solving. Narezo and colleague Chantal Fischzang created this work in 2014 for their exhibit at The Children’s Museum of the Arts in Tribeca. The visual curriculum displayed in the Tremaine Gallery will figure prominently in Narezo’s work with Hotchkiss students during her artist residency in conjunction with the exhibit. Through a Sappi Ideas That Matters grant, Narezo and Fischzang are developing elements to support leadership training at Mawuni, a 340-acre community in the Northern Catskills dedicated to the safe harbor of LGBTQ young adults at risk and older adults in need of support.

Gala Narezo is an artist and educator studying the intersection of art, social engagement and reflective practices. Her work explores ways to honor the self while considering interdependence with others and the world beyond. She is a graduate of Yale University and Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA, and she is currently completing a masters in Art Education at City College. Narezo served as an NGO representative to the United Nations for Designmatters, an educational platform of Art Center College of Design with the mission to engage, empower, and lead an ongoing exploration of art and design as a positive force in society.


Gala Narezo is an artist and educator who specializes in creating platforms for social issues. Using art, design thinking and mindfulness, her work focuses on community engagement and collaborative problem solving. 


The Tremaine Art Gallery is located in the main building of The Hotchkiss School. With education at the heart of its mission, the gallery hosts six exhibitions a year. For more information about this and other events at The Hotchkiss School, phone 860.435.4423 or visit The Tremaine Gallery is open Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., and Sunday, noon to 4 p.m.


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