Marshall Miles Interviews Jane Strong, The Equus Effect’s Annual Fundraiser on Sept 12 at Four Brothers Drive-In Theatre


Horse Whisperings

September 12th

– gates open 6:30 pm –

Feature film BUCK at Four Brothers Drive In Theatre
4957 Rt. 22 Amenia, NY 12501

– Reduced ticket prices for ages 18 and under.  Rated PG-13 –

We welcome you to our 8th annual event! 

During this unprecedented time, we have found the perfect venue to hold our annual fundraising event. On September 12th, take yourself to the Four Brothers Drive In Theatre in Amenia, NY where you will be served a delicious pizza dinner at your car followed by a short video of current happenings at The Equus Effect and then, our feature film, BUCK.

Buck Brannaman was the original “Horse Whisperer,” the character who inspired Nicholas Evans’ novel and was hired by Robert Redford as on-set consultant for his 1998 film. He has a way with horses, and Cindy Meehl’s documentary is moving as he shows them engaged in dances of understanding. Roger Ebert

The film, which won an award at the Sundance film festival, is an exceptional slice of Americana about the kind of unsung hero America loves to love,” Los Angeles Times.

As one of the many ingredients in our curriculum and program, Buck Brannaman’s work and ethical treatment of animals has been a resonant and guiding force for all who take part in what we offer.

These uncertain times have changed the look of things this year — and we are all doing our best to prepare for what’s next. While we wait for the VA to resume transportation for veterans to attend our sessions in person, we are including Litchfield, Hartford, and Fairfield county health workers in our program. The VA is also recruiting doctors, nurses and clinicians who work with veterans to attend sessions at facilities in these locations. We want to do everything we can to support them as they help veterans stay connected while so many are feeling isolated.

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