Marshall Miles Interviews Jeff Palfini and Devon Levins, “Mad Max” Presented by Warner Theatre & Boondocks Film Society

Morricone Youth Mad Max

New York City cult favourites Morricone Youth will be performing their own live and original re-score to George Miller’s 1979 masterpiece Mad Max, setting aside the film’s original soundtrack to create a completely new sonic experience. The underground heroes mesh surf guitars with vintage synthesisers and frenetic drums to complement the speed and the space of the Australian landscape on screen.

Comprised of founder, guitarist, DJ and soundtrack obsessive Devon E. Levins, along with John Castro (bass and vocals), Dan Kessler (synths and keyboard), Jefferson Rabb (keyboard), Kenny Shaw (drums) and Sami Stevens (vocalist), the underground heroes create reimagined sonic textures, from Krautrock beats to the spaghetti western scores of the ensemble’s namesake.

George Miller told the National Film and Sound Archive that he tried to create “a silent movie with sound” in Mad Max, so audiences for this subtitled version will experience an authentic screening with a whole new musical spin on Miller’s chaotic future dystopia.

This film is rated R. Restricted to 18 years and over.

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Mad MaxFriday September 20 2019 at 8:00 PMPresented by: Warner Theatre & Boondocks Film Society

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