Marshall Miles Interviews Jeffrey J. Keenan: Railroad Causeway; Twin Lakes Property

Jeffrey J. Keenan has been president and chief compliance officer of Roark Capital Group, an Atlanta­-based private equity firm.

About the Twin Lakes - Salisbury CT Twin Lakes | Best & Cavallaro

Over the years, Keenan has developed expertise in the field of environmental services, which is also his professional passion. He heads Roark’s environmental services team, which has made major investments in three waste­-management-­related companies and has acquired additional environmental­-services companies..


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  1. The person who asked me to sign a petition was un informed and so was I. I hereby withdraw my signature from the petition being circulated . From this interview it sounds like this person will improve the land and lake in question for the benefit of all.; however I do think the area in question will fill in and again remain a shallow area with weed growth and cattails and lily pads taking over. Mike Haupt retired weed harvester for many years in this area!!

  2. Is it me or does this Jeffery Justus Keenan guy just want to improve his view? His interview demonstrated that a) he will outspend you b) he is entitled and will get his way. This has NOTHING to do with the health of the lake. Maybe his tacky NJ-looking McMansion complex and it’s acres of lawn fertilizer running into the lake has something to do with it. IDK I just smell a conman – another old white dude that thinks he is above the law.

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