Marshall Miles Interviews Jeffrey Neumann, The White Gallery, “A Summer State of Mind”

“A Summer State of Mind”

  August 24th, 2019 – October 27th, 2019

Your Wisper I_20x30_300.jpg
Hannah Jung, “Your Whisper”, Oil on Canvas, 20″x30″

 Join us The White Gallery as they keep in the spirit of summer with ” A Summer State of Mind”. This exhibit will run through October 27th, 2019

“A Summer State of Mind” is celebrating the end of summer and the transition into fall. The show will feature new artwork from many returning gallery artists including Nancy Lasar, Avery Danziger, Natasha Karpinskia, Kate Stiassni, and David Dunlop, as well as introducing Jeffrey Neumann, Nadia Block, and Hannah Jung.

Whether it is sculpture, painting, photography, or mixed media, this show has pieces for everyone to enjoy.

©Jeffrey Neumann

“My aim is to create deeply personal work that speaks about the soul of America.  My art is a reflection on an America that is rapidly disappearing.

 I have spent a great deal of time on the road. The paintings I make are distilled from that experience.  Although there is an aspect of cultural anthropology in my work, I have to feel a profound personal connection with my subject. 

 This emotional response is what I try to convey through my paintings. I’m seeking to evoke a certain mood through the limitations of paint.”

                                                                         – Jeffrey Neumann

The White Gallery is owned by co-directors, Susan & Tino Galluzzo. The Galluzzo’s make their home in Lakeville, CT., where Susan has had a home for close to 40 years. Tino, a former commercial banker, and Susan, an attorney, have always loved fine art.

Susan opened The White Gallery in Lakeville, CT in 2002 to highlight the works of well-known local and international artists, as well as emerging artists.  They have travel around the world in their quest to discover new artists, and they have been honored to show the work of famed artists  Robert Natkin, David Dunlop, Alberta Cifolelli, and Jane Filer as well as prints by Andrew Wyeth.

The gallery represents more than 21 artists and their works including prints, photographs, abstract paintings, paintings, sculpture, mixed media and photo mosaics. 


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