Marshall Miles Interviews Ken Roht and Sandy Cleary, Daniel’s Art Party June 12-July 1, Bard College at Simon’s Rock

About Daniel’s Art Party

Daniel’s Art Party will titillate audiences of all ages and proclivities with unique, professional, and culturally diverse shows. Come to the party!

The Party Team

Daniel’s Art Party
Ken Roht, Artistic Director
Sandy Cleary, Director of the Daniel Arts Center and Festival Producer
Theo Gabriel, Associate Producer


Daniel’s Art Party Creative Team
John Musall, George Veale, Izzy Filkins, Dan Karp,
Monk Schane-Lydon, Ruggero Loria, Victoria Loughborough,
Ari Hogan, Sage Pershing, Antonia Bellamy-Talbot,
Jonah Godfrey, Julien Zotique, Anastasia Serdsev


Daniel’s Art Party is a festival of individual offerings, but it’s also a single, interconnected theatrical expression investigating the beauty, humor, strength, and resilience of communities coming together to create a more enlightened and empowered whole.

-Ken Roht,
Artistic Director


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