Marshall Miles Interviews Larry Rand and Tom Gruenwald, Taconic Learning Center Winter Schedule

The Taconic Learning Center is a non-profit membership organization providing the opportunity for lifelong learning to residents of the Northwest Corner of Connecticut and adjacent communities in New York and Massachusetts.

TLC’s courses cover a wide variety of academic subjects taught by volunteers, all experts in their fields. Click on Course Listings on the left to see what courses we offer.

Annual membership donations of $60 per person are fully tax-deductible and are much appreciated. There are no set fees. Individuals may sign up for any number of courses. Classes lasting two hours are held once a week at one of our three conveniently located venues.

Attendees are free to come and go as they like; there are no exams. Those taking advantage of TLC’s program will rekindle the excitement of learning, expand their horizons, be able to share their knowledge, have fun and make new friends.

TLC is a wonderful way to stay involved and well informed. Join today! For more information, click on an item on the left, or contact us by mail or by phone.

Taconic Learning Center, Inc.
PO BOX 1752, Lakeville, CT 06039
Tel. 860-364-9363

Click Here to go to online Registration,
or to print course descriptions, or Registration form

The Learning Center at Noble Horizons is at the rear of the main building and is accessed through the main door. Noble Horizons
Geer Village Classes at Geer Village in Canaan are held in various rooms, usually on the second floor of the main building. Access is through the main door; the attendant at the reception desk can direct you to the correct room.

Marshall Miles Interviews Larry Rand and Tom Gruenwald, Taconic Learning Center Winter Schedule

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  1. I mailed in my registration last week. Should get it on Monday I would think.

  2. I would like to continue with the play reading class. I registered for the fall semester. and I think I paid $60. Do I need to register again? Please let me know if I did pay the $60. and if I will owe for the Spring Semester. Thank you. Pat Murphy, 58 Woodside Circle, Torrington, Ct.

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