Marshall Miles Interviews Leo Blackman: Affordable Housing Survey in Amenia

Two years ago Hudson River Housing in Poughkeepsie held a workshop for folks in Northeastern Dutchess County on affordable housing issues. They had not had much of presence here, and wanted to assist us in providing housing options. About a year ago we formed the “Tri-Town Coalition”, and established local committees in Amenia, Millerton/NE, and Pine Plains, to focus on the specifics of realizing this goal, which is stressed in each of our Comprehensive Plans. I should note that all of the towns also lack a water-water system, which limits the density of development (both residential and economic). Millerton & Pine Plains have been quicker to begin that process, but Amenia is awaiting a grant to hire their same engineer. However, Amenia has been first out of the gate in developing a survey of local housing needs. We sent out postcards to all residents, and have been delivering flyers to local businesses for their employees. The intent is to reach all those who live OR work in Amenia. The survey went live on our website (; at very top of page) w/a paper option via box outside Town Hall Once we tabulate the results (after April 27th), plan to share our findings with the Amenia Town, Planning & Zoning Boards. Then we will make plans for a public Listening Session, to place the need in context locally, present our findings, answer questions and solicit comment. Our intent is to tailor a solution very specific to working folk here.


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