Marshall Miles Interviews Maria Horn: COVID-19 Update for the 64th District In CT – Monday Oct 26, 2020

*** Post UPDATE- see bottom of post***

I just got off the phone with Lisa Carter, Interim Superintendent of the Region One School District. I want to commend her for the ongoing and transparent communication during this time.

We speak regularly about Covid and other issues. She is committed to the safety of the students and staff in Region One schools and also to communicating as fully as she can with the community. I’m sorry to see another positive result in North Canaan Elementary School and my heart goes out to the student and family for a quick recovery. As I am made aware of updates I will continue to post them here on social media for everyone’s convenience. Region 1 UPDATE as of this afternoon:Dear Region One Families and Staff:We received information last evening regarding a student in the North Canaan Elementary School who tested positive yesterday for COVID-19. The student is in the early elementary grades. The student has not been in school since early last week and therefore has had no exposure or close contact with any staff or students since symptoms began. Based on the evaluation of the information provided to the Torrington Area Health District and our Medical Advisor, we do not have to quarantine any students or staff in these classes.

This case is not connected to the case that we reported last Thursday.Everyone who has been in close contact with the positive case (outside of the school community) will be contacted by the Torrington Area Health District and will be quarantined for fourteen days.We are aware that the emergence of each new case increases staff, student and parent anxiety. However, we are finding that the emerging cases continue to be the result of activity outside of school and so far, we have been able to isolate those individuals who report positive tests in order to safely keep school open for as many students as possible.

Please continue to follow the guidelines described in this letter and be sure to screen your children daily.Finally, we are sharing as much information as possible given HIPPA guidelines and permission that we receive from the individual cases. Thank you for understanding that sharing more than what is allowed would violate guidelines that protect individual privacy. Please know that any individuals who are close contacts are notified by the Torrington Area Health District. Thus, whenever a new case arises, if you have not received a call, you and/or your children have not been identified as a contact. We send TAHD classroom and bus seating charts as well as school schedules so that they have a clear understanding of possible contacts in school when we are discussing each case.If at any time you feel anxious or uncertain about the information being shared in these letters, please contact me or your school’s administrator. You may also keep your children at home to engage in distance learning should you feel that is a safer choice.

***UPDATE- 4:15 PM***I just got off the phone with Superintendent Chris Leone. WAMOGO (grades 7-12) will be on remote learning (Phase 3) for both Monday, October 26th and Tuesday, October 27th.The entire facility will go through additional deep cleaning and sanitizing. Students and staff will follow their same schedule and more information will be forthcoming directly from the school to families. During these two days the campus will be closed to staff and there will be no athletics, practices, or games.


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