Marshall Miles Interviews Meghan Flanagan, Sharon Connect Internet Task Force Town Vote on Comcast Proposal Oct 28

Comcast Proposal for Public – Private Partnership in the Town of Sharon

Comcast has submitted a proposal to the Town of Sharon, CT to build out its network along 28.5 miles of road in Sharon with 250 premises that have never before had access to its high-speed cable internet services. The town would pay $1.6 million to Comcast, roughly one-third of the total construction costs. The plan is to offer high-speed cable internet access to all residents in Sharon. Unsure if your home would be included in the Comcast proposal? Fill out our form and we will find out for you. Also, if you want Comcast high-speed internet and don’t have it, fill out this form. We will share your request with Comcast to see if the company can wire your home as part of this project.

If approved, it would be the first time that every home and business in Sharon has the opportunity to have access to high-speed, wired internet.

  • Town Cost. The town would pay in two installments: half at the start the rest upon project completion. The Board of Finance voted to pay the first $800,000 from the town budget’s “undesignated” fund and to approve a loan for the rest, if necessary, after applying ARPA or other funds.
  • Construction and Time.Comcast commits to finishing the project within six months of getting all needed permits. Service plans and equipment are the responsibility of those who wish to subscribe.
  • Service and Maintenance.Comcast will offer internet, TV, and phone service at different speed tiers and varying price ranges. The network will be owned by Comcast. Comcast will be responsible for all construction and maintenance.


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