Marshall Miles Interviews Michael Mangini Geer, Physical Therapy Telemedicine

Mike Mangini received his BS Physical Therapy in 1990 from the University of New England. He then worked as a physical therapist for the Washington Redskins from 1990-1995.

Mike received his Advanced Manual Therapy Certification in 2004 and his Orthopedic Board Certification in 2006 and 2016.  Mike received his Doctorate Degree in Physical Therapy in 2014 and achieved his Trigger Point Dry Needling certification level 3 in 2017.  Mike has been the Director of Geer’s Outpatient Physical Therapy since 1997.

Our goal at Geer Physical Therapy is to return patients to their normal activities, as free of pain as possible, as soon as possible!

Physical Therapy is very often an extremely effective way to manage pain and mobility issues. Our fully equipped gym, equipment and access to the YMCA pool provide the appropriate space for the required level of care and treatment.

We treat common conditions such as headaches, neck and low back pain, shoulder and elbow tendonitis and hip and knee, foot and heel pain. We help patients recover from injuries and manage arthritis, jaw pain, workplace ergonomic issues and much more.

4 star physical therapy rating from medicare

Let us find the best approach to help you manage your condition with well-established, non-surgical treatments that offer high benefit with low risk of harmful side effects.


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