Marshall Miles Interviews Mike Mangini  PT, DPT, OCS, CMP, Opening His Own Practice Now That Geer is Closing Outpatient PT

Geer is not accepting any new appointments for our Outpatient Physical Therapy.

and will wind down all current treatment for active patents by 9/16/2022 and are not taking any new appointments.

Mike Mangini PT, DPT, OCS, CMP

Mike Mangini received his BS Physical Therapy in 1990 from the University of New England. He then worked as a physical therapist for the Washington Redskins from 1990-1995. Mike received his Advanced Manual Therapy Certification in 2004 and his Orthopedic Board Certification in 2006 and 2016.  Mike received his Doctorate Degree in Physical Therapy in 2014 and achieved his Trigger Point Dry Needling certification level 3 in 2017.  Mike was the Director of Geer’s Outpatient Physical Therapy since 1997.


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