Marshall Miles Interviews Nancy Heaton, CEO, Foundation for Community Health: COVID-19 Rapid Response Grant Program

Foundation for Community Health
COVID-19 Grants Available

Foundation for Community Health (FCH) is committed to addressing the local impact of the COVID-19
pandemic in service of its mission: “to improve the health and wellbeing of the residents of its service
area.” FCH’s service area encompasses the northwestern corner of Litchfield County, Connecticut and parts
of eastern Dutchess and southeastern Columbia Counties in New York.
The Foundation has adopted a three tiered approach to organizing its response efforts to the COVID-19
Current efforts are focused on addressing the immediate needs of community members and local nonprofits, especially those most vulnerable. We have also initiated conversations with current grantees, as
many may have to repurpose their grants to better meet new and emergent needs as a result of the
• Grants made to-date can be found on our website under Past Grants.
• Information about the recently launched FCH COVID-19 Rapid Response Grant Program can be
accessed here. Please visit our online grantee portal to apply. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and will be reviewed weekly. 

FCH is assessing how it can best assist local non-profits to recover from the impacts of this pandemic. We
are also working with other funders to enhance local access to available state and federal stimulus
Many non-profits are small businesses with slim operating margins. Many have had to cancel significant
fundraisers and others have seen significant drop in revenue due to the new reality of physical distancing.
At the same time, new opportunities, understandings, and ways of operating are currently being tested,
which may prove to be more efficient and streamlined. New business models are partnerships may
emerge. Practices that have quickly started today, such as telemedicine and remote client engagement,
may become the norm, tomorrow – drastically changing our approach to social service and health care
Lastly, FCH will be evaluating its grantmaking, program activities, and partnerships to develop a long-term
strategic approach to ensure the resiliency of our local communities and network of health and human
services organizations. Strengthening this network has always been necessary for our community’s vitality
and well-being, but has become essential in times like this when such services are so critically needed.


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