Marshall Miles Interviews Natalie Randall and Tim Good, “Meet. Play. Flow and 7 Days of Wellness,” April 6&7

Meet.Play.Flow and 7 Days of Wellness

Excitement is building for the return of the popular Meet. Play. Flow event established by RT Facts Design & Antiques  of Kent. After three successful years the Meet. Play. Flow wellness event has taken wing by forming a partnership with the Kent Chamber of Commerce extending the feel-good vibe for a full week.   

Introducing “Meet. Play. Flow & 7 Days of Wellness” (Thursday, April 4th thru Wednesday, April 10th), a unique wellness event, where residents and visitors alike are welcome to enjoy week-long promotions, as well a weekend full of body, soul, and uplifting events.  Throughout the week, several of Kent’s charming restaurants, cozy inns, unique shops, and caring service providers, will be offering healthy menus, yummy tastings, special room rates and discounts on wellness-related products and services.   

On Sat., April 6th, RT Facts will kick-off the weekend roster of special events and will host a “tasting menu” of 20-minute body and fitness classes guaranteed to jump-start your healthy ambitions. Here, attendees will literally Meet. Play… and Flow onto a path of well-being. Saturday’s all-day wellness event will see the return of many local instructors offering classes every half-hour in practices such as, hula-hoop dancing, yoga, Barre, tai chi, foam rolling, playful improv, drawing as meditation, etc. Attendees are welcome to explore aerial yoga, massage therapy, as well as making your own flower essences and smoothie/kimchi-tastings. Bring a mat and a water bottle. With a $25 donation, attendees will have complete access to the many wellness practices and classes being offered. All proceeds will be matched by RT Facts and donated to the local volunteer ambulance squads of Kent and Cornwall.    For further information on the Meet.Play.Flow event,    

The high-energy continues on Sunday, April 7th when the Kent Chamber of Commerce will be staging free sessions comprised of lectures, demonstrations and workshops. Experts in their chosen fields are on tap to conduct a healthy lineup of weekend events. Participants include: Alzheimer’s Association, Arbonne International, Chestnut Woodworking, Davis IGA, Fair Skies Acupuncture, Fife ‘n Drum Restaurant & Inn,  High Watch Recovery Center, J. P. Gifford Market, Inscape Awareness, Kent Land Trust, Kent Memorial Library, Kent Victorian Inn,  Kent Station Pharmacy, Kent Yoga & Bodyworks, Christopher Kiely, Movement Learning Resources (Feldenkrais), Prism Health Advocates, Starbuck Inn, Strong Core Team Training, Terston, The Villager Restaurant, W Rhythm Fitness & Wellness, among others. These free Chamber events will be held in various commercial locations throughout town. Attendees will nourish mind and body by listening to and partaking in sessions ranging from Chinese medicine, Pilates, and Essential Oils to understanding health care and successfully navigating an illness.   

Meet. Play. Flow & 7 Days of Wellness is an inspiring event that affords attendees an opportunity to experience a variety of wellness practices, while having fun and meeting friends both old and new. It’s also an event that serves as a novel introduction to the various shops, restaurants, and services that make up Kent, one of Connecticut’s most charming New England towns.



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