Marshall Miles Interviews Representative Maria Horn: COVID-19 UPDATE October 30

Here is an update from Maria Horn from the state of Connecticut to go with the figures that I posted earlier this afternoon:

The Connecticut Department of Public Health released its weekly COVID-19 Alert Map today which currently indicates that 30 cities and towns in Connecticut are in the red zone, meaning an average daily COVID-19 case rate over the last two weeks of greater than 15 per 100,000 population.North Canaan is among those towns in the red zone, having reported a total of 10 new cases in the two week period between October 11th and 24th.

Please note that all of these cases now being counted by the state have already been reported by us and are related either to Geer Village or North Canaan Elementary School. The “red zone” designation does not mean that there are more new cases, the designation does means that our region will be able to get more testing resources. Several regional healthcare providers are working on this and at least one organization has committed to scheduling a pop-up testing site in the coming days. The Department of Public Health will be working with North Canaan officials, including Torrington Area Health Department, to provide community resources and help make community-level decisions.

Maria Horn reported that she participated in a state call with municipal officials from all the 30 Connecticut towns that are now designated to be “red zones.” After that, She had a call with Region One School District Superintendent Lisa Carter and North Canaan First Selectman Charlie Perotti. They agreed that this information is not new and they saw no current reason to change any of the operating conditions of either North Canaan Elementary School or the Town of North Canaan generally. They will be drafting a statement to be issued today.


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