Marshall Miles Interviews Richard Paddock, Twin Lakes History; Railroad Crossings; The Causeway

Lake Washinee and Lake Washining are known as the Twin Lakes. The lakes are twins not because of their size or shape but because of a Machain Chief who named them after his two daughters. Lake Washinee, which means Smiling Water, is the longer of the two lakes at 1.6 miles long and slightly under a quarter mile in width and is referred to as West Twin. Lake Washining, which means Laughing Water, is the rounder, larger of the twin lakes and is known as East Twin. Lake Washining is just under 1 mile long with a width of 1.3 miles.

Above is an eastbound view from the end of the causeway looking towards Twin Lakes Station. At one time the causeway (and before that, a trestle) used to extend across to where the boats are.
This is a view of the causeway looking eastbound about halfway between Taconic and the end
This is a picture of the Taconic Station about 1915. The spur is out of the shot to the right and the bridge with Taconic Road is to the left.


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