Marshall Miles Interviews Sandy Gibson, Better Place Forest

Leave the earth, better

A natural alternative to cemeteries, located in the Northeast

Better Place Forests offers a natural alternative to cemeteries. Your ashes are placed beneath a private tree in a peaceful forest where your loved ones can visit and remember you.

Memorial company buys a CT forest as an alternative to cemeteries

A more beautiful resting place

Continue the cycle of life when your ashes are mixed with soil and returned to the base of your tree.

A personal memorial ceremony

Your forest steward will help shape a memorial ceremony that reflects your unique personality.

A legacy of protected landscapes

Your memorial helps conserve open spaces and reforest America.

A more meaningful and affordable resting place

“Not only is a traditional service roughly twice the cost, but you’re very limited on what you get out of it.”

Hear more about why Spencer chose Better Place Forests for his late wife, Sheila, in the video below.

S9:E5 - BETTER PLACE FORESTS || SANDY GIBSON 09/18 by Life is a Sacred  Journey | Caregiving


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