Marshall Miles Interviews State Representative Maria Horn – Wednesday January 30, 2019

UPDATE! FROM Judy Jacobs
Maria Horn has contacted me and will hear your thoughts on the Lime Rock Park legislation starting at 5:30 on Feb. 7. At The Falls Village Town Hall. The Town Hall is small so she will see if there is another spot in case we need more room.


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  1. If she had communicated on her FB page perhaps people wouldn’t have felt ambushed.

  2. Excellent comment on how LRP affects other towns Marshall!

  3. Ask her about Lamont taxing groceries and medications!

  4. I have one question from the interview. She made a statement that she doesn’t think social media is the best place to have the debate. Why do you believe this?

    • I think, and agree, that public forums and exchange of ideas face to face beats exchanging on Facebook..but also, Maria is blocked from Northwest Chatter so it is impossible for her to see or respond to questions or comments there.

  5. Perhaps its because social media is available to anyone at any time.

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