Marshall Miles Interviews Tino Galluzzo, The White Gallery Opens “The Art of the Print and Works on Paper” on Friday, July 20 with an Opening Artist’s Reception on Saturday, July 21, 5–7 pm. 

The White Gallery opens “The Art of the Print and Works on Paper” on Friday, July 20th with an opening artist reception on Saturday, July 21st from 5 – 7 pm.  Discover the best etchings, drawings, and mixed media on paper from these artists.

“There are eleven Connecticut artists as well as two from France. The colors of the images are unique to each of these artists whether stone prints, intaglios, monoprints or other works on paper, each have mastered the techniques with beautiful results. The variety of techniques and subjects are enjoyable to work with and to exhibit. Truly an opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of Prints and Works on Paper,” said Tino Galluzzo, Director of The White Gallery. “A portion of the proceeds of this show will benefit The Lakeville Conservancy to help advance their mission of beautifying our Lakeville Community.”

The show includes the works of local tri-state artists Allen Blagden, Ann Chernow, Naomi Grossman, Joan Jardine, Natasha Karpinskaia, Nancy Lasar, Alan McCord, Terri Moore, Constance Old, Randy Orzano and Nancy McTague-Stock.

“We enjoy curating this event every several years because it gives us the opportunity to highlight the work of many talented artists working on paper in one exhibit,” said Galluzzo.

Blagden is one of the most outstanding watercolorists and print artists of his time.  His penetrating renderings of sky and water, of people, birds, and landscapes fall within the academic traditions of the best of American realist painting.  

Highlighting the scenes from 1930’s and 1940’s movies, Chernow, uses film characters and period settings to create a sense of déjà vu or nostalgia without the sentimentality often associated with specific film stars.

Abstract artist Karpinskaia is enticed by the primary artistic elements that abstract offers – color, shape, line, and texture.  She works in layers, printing, and painting over previous surfaces many times.
Moore, inspired by nature, works in oil, graphite, charcoal, and watercolor to reflect life and the environment.

McCord’s intaglio prints are technically succinct as they delicately capture the beauty of the natural world around us.

Taking advantage of the excesses of the consumer economy, Old captures the spirit of the 21st century using everyday materials to attempt to make fleeting aspects of human experiences ‘concrete’.  Similarly, Mctague-Stock uses paint, print, and digital media as a process-oriented bridge, to combine her technical grounding in artistic tradition with 21st-century innovation.

Most unusual is Orzano’s work done in ‘collaboration’ with bees.  By placing paper and canvas in beehives, the bees put wax and propolis on the surface and remove the paper by tearing off pieces and discarding them.

Although, Grossman’s work often deals with issues of power, control, relationships, silenced voices and finding an ‘authentic voice,’ her new pieces for this exhibition evidence subtle tranquility in the form of sunflowers.

Energizing space and the passage of time is the focus for well known local artist Lasar with her drawing, painting, and printmaking.

Jardine, a colorist, and contemporary impressionist discovered color and the painting knife which had an enormous influence on her work.  Her artwork focuses on color and seeing the way the atmosphere affects objects.

The exhibit also includes works by French artists Nathalie Chabrier and Roger Forissier. Chabrier, a former pupil of the Beaux-Arts in Paris and an emblematic painter of the 21st century, practices engraving and lithography of typical Paris. Forrisier over his lifetime painted thousands of landscapes, still lifes and portraits all over Europe. He is also well known for his lithography.

The White Gallery is one of Northwest Connecticut’s and the Tri-State regions premier art galleries, presenting Modern Contemporary Masters and the best of emerging artists. Located at 342 Main Street, Lakeville, CT.  The gallery is open Thursday – Sunday11 am – 4 pm or by appointment.  For more information call 860-435-1029 or visit or

The White Gallery is owned by co-directors, Susan & Tino Galluzzo.  The Galluzzo’s make their home in Lakeville, CT., where they have lived for close to 40 years.  Tino, a former commercial banker, and Susan, an attorney, have always loved fine art. They opened The White Gallery in Lakeville, CT in 2002 to show the works of well-known artists, as well as that of emerging artists.  They have travelled around the world in their quest to discover new artists, and they have been honored to show the workes of famed artists Robert Kipniss, Robert Natkin, David Dunlop, Alberta Cifolelli, and Jane Filer.  The gallery represents more than 21 artists and their works including prints, photographs, abstract paintings, paintings, sculpture, mixed media and photo mosaics.


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