Marshall Miles Interviews Zeina Mehio, Cofounder of ShowTown, and Mark Scarbrough, Bestselling Author: “What The Heck Happened To Your Kitchen?” Event on Friday, May 3rd at 7 PM at Lakeville’s St. Mary’s Church.

An evening of culinary stories, forecasts, and humor with best-selling authors Bruce Weinstein and Mark Scarbrough.

In 1884 the egg beater was invented. With one handle and two gears, this low-tech device made omelets lighter and fluffier and started every cook looking for ways to make food easier and faster.  One hundred and thirty-five years later, we can not only get the Golden Egg Shaker which scrambles our eggs right in the shell, but our kitchen counters are filled with air fryers, Instant Pots, and induction burners—better food in less time.


Navigating this world of high tech cooking isn’t for the faint of heart—with such choices as a $1,300 countertop Brava oven that cooks with the power of light (Didn’t your little sister’s easy bake oven do the same thing?).   Even scarier is that all these high tech appliances can be blue-toothed to your phone and connected to the internet.  Yes, your refrigerator is listening to every word you say. 

So how do you embrace the modern kitchen?  What high tech equipment can you truly not live without? Bruce Weinstein and Mark Scarbrough offer up the answers in an evening of knowledge, insight, and expert advice on kitchen tools, techniques, and gadgets from the past as well as what to expect from tomorrow.  With their trademark wit and humor as well as 20+ years experience making the cooking experience as fun as it can be for the home cook, Bruce and Mark will fill you in on all the secrets they’ve discovered and even a few yet to come.


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