Mike Cozzi at Large with Sports – Friday November 14, 2020

Indianapolis Colts 34, Tennessee Titans 17

1) Philip Rivers needed to be at his best on Thursday. The Colts’ top-ranked defense needed to play up to its acclaim. Indy’s running game had to show something. At the conclusion of Thursday night, cliched as it may be, the Colts earned a team win over the Titans and emerged from the Week 10 opener sharing the top spot in the AFC South and looking like a complete team. Following a stunning scoring march on the Titans’ opening drive, Indy’s defense stood up to the best intentions of Ryan Tannehill and Derrick Henry. Rivers bounced back from a dreadful showing the previous week. Nyheim Hines was stellar. And the Colts are a first-place team and looked every bit like it. Offense, defense and the kicking game provided highlights for the Colts (6-3) and lowlights just the same for the Titans (6-3). There are still seven games to play for each of these squads (with a rematch in 17 days included among them), but the Colts posted an important and emphatic victory, announcing themselves as frontrunners in their division and postseason players if they bring their ‘A’ game, which they most certainly did on this occasion.



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