Mike Cozzi at Large with Sports – November 9

Without Porzingis, Knicks Fall to Magic

The Knicks entered the game having won six of their last seven games, but they seemed out of sync offensively without Porzingis. They shot 53 percent from the field but committed 23 turnovers.

Ben McAdoo looking an awful lot like this Giants coaching failure

Once upon a time, there was a man who coached the Giants named Ray Handley, and he was terrible at his job. This doesn’t make him unique in the NFL, of course; every franchise can point to its own designated Kotites, Bugels and Shulas (David, that is). Not everyone can be Lombardi, Landry, or Shula (Don, that is) . Of course, Handley wasn’t just terrible at coaching football; he was especially bad at coaching football in a big-city market.

It’s Thursday night football!

In NFL picks Mike now 35-10, Marshall 26-19

Tonight’s picks:

MM: Seahawks

MC: Arizona

Mike Cozzi at Large with Sports – November 9
Mike Cozzi At Large With Sports

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