A Way to Garden with Margaret Roach – Nov 13, 2023 – Eric Lee-Mader on Milkweeds

Most of us may automatically think “monarch” after hearing the word “milkweed,” or vice versa. And that’s in fact a critical and intimate relationship, the one between monarch butterflies and native milkweed plants. 

But the genus Asclepias offers sustenance to a wide diversity of animal species beyond just that one beloved insect. 

Today’s guest is Eric Lee-Mader, author of the recent book “Milkweed Lands: An Epic Story of One Plant: Its Nature and Ecology.” Eric is an ecologist at the invertebrate-focused Xerces Society, where he is the pollinator and agricultural biodiversity co-director. He and his wife also operate Northwest Meadowscapes in Port Townsend, Wash., providing regional native seeds and consultation services for meadowmakers. 


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