A Way to Garden with Margaret Roach – February 20, 2023 – Ben Vogt on Natural Design


It’s probably the question I am asked most: Gardeners want to go wilder and use more native plants to create habitat. But how do they figure out which plants, since it’s not one size fits all regions, or even different locations within a region…and choosing as we mostly do by hardiness zone isn’t going to get the ecological job done. Help! 

Benjamin Vogt has just published a new book that takes us through prescriptive steps to get started in natural garden design. He is the owner of Monarch Designs LLC, a prairie-based design firm specializing in natural landscapes, and the book is “Prairie Up: An Introduction to Natural Garden Design.”  


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  1. I don’t enjoy listening to B. Vogt at all. Here’s a guy who “hates” astilbe and hosta. Groan. Saw him on Instagram and barf…so holier than thou if you even think of having anything but meadow in your front yard.

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